Seven Summits and More Mentoring free initial 15 min skype !


Jillian getting a solid base for her seven summits. Ph: Jillian Hamilton, Manage Damage

Last year, I was approached by a spunky lady who wanted to climb the seven summits. Lo and behold, almost twenty years after I completed my quest, someone actually wanted to hire my expertise to pick the best fit in expeditions, provide training at Mount Arapiles, and advise on budget and realistic outcomes? Yes siree!

geoff and b last bivouac sf ac 90

Attempting the French Route on the South Face of Aconcagua, after submitting the Normal Route. My experience at your service!!

I thought why not, and since then, I have developed an organic program that fits  the mentoree’s prior experience,budget and time commitments. Starting at $200, for  full plan tailored to your needs ( expeditions best suited to your experience and budget, high altitude and energy saving advice, timetable,etc), and a full hour skype session. Email me for details!

Walkies Talkies: another way to get info, in a dynamic format! In the eighties, as I was pondering money making from my room in a Fitzroy shared house, I came up with the idea to teach French while walking. “Take your French for a Walk”, I called it. An editorial error had my ad in the personal column of the Melbourne Newspaper, and I gave up on the idea after a few lecherous calls from men who definitely were into taking me for a walk, leading up the garden path!!!


Now, Walkie Talkies are go, with this time a focus on mentoring, advising, personal development and whatever else happens to find its way in the conversation. I live near Mount Arapiles, which provides a perfect venue for walkies, for all ages and fitness degrees! Starting at $65. Book your 15 minutes free initial skype now! or  Email me for details!


Image 2_2araps wt



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