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Beyond the Smile started as a question…  Who are the Sherpas once the expedition is over and they go home to their families and communities?.. .what is behind the Sherpa smile?


Lakpa Tamang: what is Beyond the Smile?

The question grew into a film and a story still unfolding.. It started a Tamang women’s education program, and a fast growing international tribe of people of all ages, living the adventure of life: The Friendily, our Family of Friends! With the help of this documentary, the Beyond the Smile program has the potential to become a nation building tool, both in Lura, and wherever women and their families in a mountain village want to take charge of their destiny.

Beyond the Smile is a story about friendship, sharing and making a difference.  It can be your story too! Click HERE to find out how!

Brigitte Muir OAM, photographed by Kate Baker

Brigitte Muir OAM, photographed by Kate Baker

In 1997, I became the first Australian to climb the highest peak on each continent, as well as the first Australian woman to climb Everest. In fact, I was on four expeditions to Everest before I reached the summit! Four! I’ll tell you all about it in later posts…

I have had the privilege to work as a climbing and trekking expedition leader with Sherpas in Nepal for many years. Sherpa, Tamang, and other ethnic Nepali people have much to be admired for. They are incredibly tough, they work bloody hard and they laugh all the time, no matter how hard they work!!

Since 2007, I have filmed and lived an extraordinary  story I want to share with you:  Beyond the Smile

“Documentaries impact audiences in an emotional and personal way that the written word, reports and statistics cannot. Through story telling, they have the capacity to communicate common experiences and encourage empathy amongst a wider audience than conventional analytical tools. A report or localised project on a particular issue may effect those already knowledgeable and working in the area. A documentary film about people affected by these issues shares a very human story that a broader audience understands.” From  http://www.documentaryaustralia.com.au/why-give-to-documentary

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The Documentary Australia Foundation is a not for profit organisation which provides information and resources to philanthropic grantmakers, charitable organisations and documentary filmmakers in order to explore, share and enhance their mutual objectives of creating a better society.

Beyond the Smile is on their list of films approved for tax deductible funding.

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“The Himalaya is not just a vast adventure playground. For the local communities it is anything but easy – with access to basic health and education services often out of reach. Following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and his efforts to provide education to the people of the Everest region, The Australian Himalayan Foundation works alongside the people of the Himalaya to improve lives through sustainable education, health and environmental conservation projects.”

Carolyn Hamer-Smith General Manager Australian Himalayan Foundation