Action! Crowdfunding

Donations from $2 are tax deductible in Australia through the Documentary Australia Foundation



–      Logging the many hours of footage I shot since 2007 and translating what needs translating: I have now about six hours of footage chosen from the many hours available to me!

–      Editing the documentary, which will be dedicated to the village of Lura as a thank you for everything I have learned there.

–      Securing the music from Nepali artist(s)

–      One month filming the last part of the story in Nepal in May-June this year

If you pay tax in Australia, donations from $2 are tax deductible through the Documentary Australia Foundation.

Your contribution will be acknowledged in the film credits, and you will receive a complimentary copy of the completed documentary.

Please click here to donate.

IMG_4232 nieces

I have been following these beautiful girls since 2007! I am soon leaving for Nepal to film what is happening in their lives since their father Lakpa Tamang dedicated his working life to insuring they received a good education..

23 responses to “Action! Crowdfunding

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  2. Dear Brigitte,
    It is my pleasure to help out. It was our mutual friend Christian Wilson that alerted me to the project. I did some fund raising myself recently for water:charity based in NYC, and I took a similar approach to yourself; offering a print of a photograph I took to all those that donated. With so many requests for charity I think offering people something in return is a great way to engage the public.
    I work as a camera operator/video editor at the University of Sydney but my real skill is as a photographer, mainly in panoramic photography. I’m not sure how I can contribute to the project but if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Here’s my website to give you a clearer idea of what I do:

    Kind regards,


    • Haaa.. I was wondering how you heard about it! Welcome to the Friendily! I checked your website.. wow, very interesting way to look at the world.. we are all one, we are all little planets… and I may well take you up on the offer to help with photos… 🙂


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