Treks: Private Groups, Be Well Do Well, Business and Mentoring :-)

NEW!!! Private groups:  I can design and lead your special destination trek according to your very own vision and wishes!


Our yearly Well Being Well Doing Trek: 12 to 16 February 2017. Maximum of 8 participants. US$2780 per person, ex Ktm.


No other trek like it! Is this the Valentine day Present you have been waiting for? Treat yourself or your loved one!

Busy smiling. Tihar Festival, Lura.

Busy smiling. Tihar Festival, Lura.


Summit Day on Pike Peak. Best views of the entire Himalaya!

Summit Day on Pike Peak. Best views of the entire Himalaya!            Ph: D. Frolec Collection





Jillian in Natimuk, Queen’s Birthday Week End.

I’m really pleased to announce that Business Facilitator and Mentor Jillian Hamilton and I will be running a very special 12 day trek  in November 2017.

“Belonging, Being Well and Doing Well in life like in business are essential to our thriving and to that of our world. So why not have fun together and build the world as we want it!”

This trek is an opportunity for both Jill and me to share our knowledge, expertise and love for life and community with participants who want to improve their personal and business skills, as well as design  a five year business plan for the Gyamdanda Community Forest Villages.

In Nepal, Community forests are managed by the villages that depend on their sustainable use for a living. Lura, Roshi, Arubot and Boldo are the villages we will be working with. This way to look at the future from a grassroots, village driven process, allowing Western business acumen and resources to complement local knowledge, will be used again and again, empowering one community forest at time. What a great way to spend ten days in Nepal, in a less touristy but easily accessible area!

Please click on link below for full brochure.

Business Beyond the Earthquake Trek

AWX Nepal Brochure WEB1

Participants will have the opportunity to raise tax deductible funds for the Himalayan Development Foundation Australia


Contact me for more info 🙂

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