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When we give, we grow. Imagine what can happen when a bunch of women with skills acquired in their professional and/or family lives meet a group of local women who are excited about learning! Whether it is discussing the best way to look after your back when working in the fields, or which improvements to make to their working lives, or new business ideas, the empowerment and fun come from working together, across cultures and continents, in a subsistence farming village setting. If you wish, we will brainstorm with you an appropriate topic that you can contribute easily, with confidence and joy.

Our fully supported Treks are run by Friendship World Trek and Expeditions

IMG_2145 adelaide (1)

Brigitte and Juliette

Brigitte and her fellow partner Juliette Robertson, a women’s mentor, writer and keen traveller, will also offer you a chance, if you wish, to reflect, recharge and define/refine your professional and/or personal direction.

Future fundraising: once ideas have been discussed and approved by the local women, we go ahead with making them a reality! Will it be a creek powered flour mill? A couple of mules to carry flour and produce to the market?




Walking and Yoga in Nepal

IMG_4051 group in arubot

Off the beaten track. En route to Chiwang Monastery

April 8 – 19 in 2019  was a great success! Next yoga trek will be in October 2020. Register your interest below!

What is unique about this trip?

DSC06290 robyn april 19 lura temple

Holistic Yoga teacher Robyn Stephens at Lura’s temple yoga session, April 2019.

I worked with Robyn Stephens to create this one off yoga trek in order for you to share my love of the culture, landscape and people of Nepal, with a combined walking & Yoga experience suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure.

For the yoga part of your experience you will be will be in the hands of Robyn Stephens who has been practicing yoga since she was 20 years old and has been teaching Yoga continuously since 1995. Robyn is a qualified yoga therapist and a registered senior Yoga teacher.


April 2019 was a special time for Robyn as she turned 70 on the second day of the trip. Robyn recently trekked in South America, Japan, and New Zealand. Before New Zealand she did a lot of strength and stamina training to overcome weaknesses shown up in previous trips and it paid off. With this trip she hopes to inspire others to let go of self-imposed limitations, and to assist with pre walk training.

HOW FAR AND HOW HIGH?  Most of the trip is in moderate and manageable altitude. Kathmandu is only 1,320 metres above sea level. Some people may get mild altitude symptoms over 2,500 metres. Our highest group stay is at 3,500m which is 1,800 metres lower than Everest base camp. We walk a maximum of 6 hours per day with plenty of rest between, and because our trip is fully supported, we only carry a light day pack with basic essentials for the day. This makes travelling much easier.

What do people say about it?

“It was fun! 😄🐰🐣 ” Lilian & Ken

” Thank you for the lovely photo. Yes, it certainly was a wonderful trip.
I think what made it special was the fact that it was “custom made” and didn’t feel like the usual “tourist” experience.
The size and dynamics of the group which made it easier to bond.
The variety of experiences: hiking, yoga, meditating with monks, shopping, sightseeing and dining in Kathmandu, not to mention the trekker’s massage.
The delicious food and how everything was organised smoothly and efficiently, but even more than that, the genuine care shown towards us and the fact that nothing was too much trouble.
I could go on and on, but you did say to keep it short!
Love and best wishes”
“Thank you for organising a really special trip.
When we trekked it was like we had the trek all to ourselves being on one of the lesser hiked treks.  And what a beautiful trek it was,  along mountain paths through friendly little villages past villagers attending to their animals and crops which made a lovely contrast and just as amazing as our summit trek to PK Peak with views of Everest, through an enchanting forest and rhododendron trees.  Doing yoga with superb views was sublime.  Thank you for sharing special hints and tips to make us all the more comfortable and introducing us to a wonderful place, food, experiences and above all to your incredibly kind, fun, helpful contacts and friends built up over the years who couldn’t do enough for us which all combined to make a marvellous memory.
With big smiles”,

Private groups:  I can design and lead your special destination trek according to your very own vision and wishes! REGISTER YOUR INTEREST BELOW!


Summit Day on Pike Peak. Best views of the entire Himalaya!

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