Keynote Speaking, Interviewing and MC-ing

Find out what my dream was, still is, and how I keep the inspiration going! Lessons from the highest mountain on Earth, and how they help us climb the mountains in our lives.

I have always been curious. People in my past inspired me to climb. Now people inspire me to learn, always, and to grow.

I am available as interviewer, Master of Ceremony or keynote speaker for your special event!


Post Conference feed back:

“Brigitte held the delegates in the palm of her hand telling her story of resilience in conquering Mt Everest with humility and humour. There is no doubt, in my mind the depth of Brigitte’s strength and quiet achievement is to be admired and mirrored. Thank you for closing our National Conference on an inspiring note”

Fiona Keough
Austcontact Chief Executive Officer




“Thank you again for bringing your bold spirit and wisdom to us at the Forum.”

Gayle Austen, Director | Women in Multinationals Forums | CEO Forum Group

Federation Square, Melbourne, 14 November. 10th Women in Multinationals Forum

Federation Square, Melbourne, 14 November. 10th Women in Multinationals Forum

brig.broch.insp lead key.2016

brig.broch.insp lead key.2016

brig.broch.insp lead key2.2016

Some of the Organisations I have been privileged to work with, in no particular order.

Auscontact  Telstra Super  Telstra Retail  Loddon Bendigo Rural Women’s Network  Latrobe Women in Business  Monash University  GPET  Warragul Camera Club  Alpine School  Association of Business Managers in Victorian State Schools  Grampians Tourism  Zonta Club Melton  Frankston City Council  Department Of Justice Victoria  Flinders Peak Secondary College  Southern Cross University  NSW RailCorp  CPA Australia  OneSteel  Eastland Women in Business  Magistrates’ Court Staff Conference  Executive Assistant Network  Surf Life Saving Australia  MIAA Conference  Bryant Media  Commonwealth Bank  ANZ  Victorian Farmers Federation  Soho Flordis International  CEO Forum Group  The Hamilton and Alexandra College   Fintona Girl School etc…


Email me to discuss your needs, or call +61 353 871530

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