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Painting and drawing have always been part of my life. A visual expression of events, or simply of feelings born in the moment lived.

I am now offering selected works to you. Purchasing  drawing will help me spend time working on the Beyond the Smile Documentary, and projects in Lura.

My work is influenced by the richness of colours and the warmth of Nepali culture. Going from white paper, which illuminates the mountains, as light does at high altitude, to black paper, which creates an atmosphere of inner exploration, much in tune with the learning vagaries of life, is perhaps telling.

Three themes emerged in the drawings:

At One with the Mountain: where each drawing is a manifestation of the elating experience of climbing at high altitude, but also of just being in a mountain environment. Mountains are good for the soul!!

Women Power: for a few years, I focused on learning via webinars. I am grateful for the knowledge, wisdom, joy and enthusiasm of those female teachers, Jean Houston, Claire Zammit, Katherine Woodward Thomas, thank you! You gave me the forgotten power of being, and inspiration to translate my inner power and love in colours and shapes.

Here and Now: these thoughts/emotions bubbles are raw expression of whatever was going through me at the time. I choose to offer them as such, without names or descriptions, as you will know which one is you, without being told why…

All drawings are on acid free paper, white, or black, sometimes handmade. I used Caran D’Ache coloured pencils, and Progresso woodless pencils . All works are sealed with clear, permanent protection fixative (matt).


My dear friend Alison Eggleton, curator at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery  helped me with defining the concept and the organisation of my work, each of the themes divided in four subcategories based on size, micro, small, medium, large. This, I hope, will allow those of you attracted to one drawing to make it yours, according to your means.

I thank you for supporting the Beyond the Smile Doco and Projects!