Hello People, and welcome to the BTS Shop!

The first thing on offer is an ebook of my autobiography, The Wind in my Hair

What readers say..

"Hi Brigitte, 
I have just finished reading your book again ( as I
 do when needing inspiration) and as I have also been following Alyssa 
Azar in her quest for Mt Everest Summit it was appropriate reading 
Just wanted to tell you again how much I admire your life path. 
I have written to you once before and you were gracious enough to answer which made me very happy. 
I turned 70 this year and in March walked the Overland Track for the ninth time ........ I hope it wasn't my last ! 
Kind regards, 
Helen Calvert. "
 24 May 2016

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You can also buy some mountain drawings I made, and soon, an illustrated version of The Wind in my Hair Everest 1996 chapter, with a never seen before interview I did at the end of the expedition, with Henry Todd, expedition leader who was at Camp 2, with all the experienced leaders, when tragedy struck. His words bring another perspective to the events that unfolded then..

Please note that 100% of your purchases help fund the BTS documentary and projects.

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