On the road again..

No. Not what you think. On the story telling road again. I filmed a lot of things, happy things and people and funny things and sad things and sad people and.. you get the gist.

What struck me with this Beyond the Smile Saga, is that it started as a very personal, narrow story, about me going to Makalu after climbing Everest. Ah, it was so time to get some proper high altitude mountain climbing in again, no Sherpas, no oxygen, and here I was, joining an expedition led by Doctor Ginette Harrison, English and lion heart. And lungs and muscles and sheer strength of purpose. She was at lesson 57 in the Basic Spoken Nepali lesson book. I’d never gone past lesson 8.


So anyway, here I am, thinking of starting my Beyond the Smile documentary picking up the story where I left it, still on a high from climbing Mount Everest, at the end of ‘The Wind in my Hair’. What is the thread through, what will follow? Going from very personal, the last expeditions,  to very connected and belonging and co creating with loved ones, all over the planet? Boop Boop dee Doo, as Betty Boop would wisely say.

Your thoughts? Do I start with the story of Makalu?

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