Lessons from the Seventh Peak


The last snow ridge was about barstool high. It did not swivel. I was the one who slowly turned around, resting the moment along the top of the North Ridge, the snow and rocks I never had a chance to see, two years before. It had been the tail end of my second expedition to Chomolungma, my second summit attempt on that trip, the tortured bliss of hear and feel and breathe.

I came back from my reverie (daydream). The interactive part of my story telling had started.

“So.. What does it feel like, standing on top of Everest?”  asked someone in the second row.

 Indeed, what did it feel like, standing on top of Everest, the last in my quest to climb the highest peak on each continent?

A mischievous smile split my face.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I sat on it.”

High altitude mountain climbers are masters at energy saving. Why stand when you can sit?

It is the same with a blog. Why write when you have nothing to share? It has been a while since my last post introducing you to Sheila Koala, Post Modern Guru and Friend.

I am starting to see the whole picture now. It took that long to re group, to process, to do nothing, to feel everything, and from the depths of letting go, the zippy surprise of Zest for Life appearing seemingly out of Nowhere.

Internet marketing recommends regular posts to maintain a following.

Well, it is nice to think of you out there, ‘following’. Reading this.Adding in vibrations to the Conscious Evolution of our Humanity.

It is through other people sharing with me that I’ve discovered what I want in this life: I want to do what I love with people I love while being of service for the greater good of humanity.


I want the fun and challenge and rewards of working with like minded people. Like my husband Eric. Like Rachel, like Anne, like Sue, like Christian, like you… It ain’t a passing fad. It is something that we all feel. We are climbing the mountain together.


I hold one piece of the puzzle, and without the others, forever expanding our connections, I can never co create the reality my dream is conceiving. It can only be the reality OUR dream is conceiving! Each one of our dreams creates a life of its own, which is nurtured by our common dream, and gives birth to itself to other dreams and real stories. Olala! Like the Universe, we are forever expanding. Yes, it makes me a bit giddy. Excited. And contented.

There are quite a few of us already involved in this story.

And there is always room for more…

Join us on BTS Action Page! Share your ideas, your skills, your time, your resources… 🙂

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