Go Beyond the Smile

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Hello Friends,

Soon we’ll be leaving for Nepal! We’ll be completing the filming of BTS in Lura in February 2014, and working with our Nepali Friendily.        Of course we’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, here are some links to the new BTS Teaser. You can watch it on YouTube in low resolution HERE, better quality HERE or Vimeo HERE.

We would love you to be part of our Friendily, whether you come on our Wedding Trek, offer your time and/or skills ( we desperately need an IT person! ) or financially contribute to the BTS Documentary.

Remember, donations in Australia are tax deductible from $250 upwards. Exclusive historical photos of the 1996 South Col disaster, unique prints and drawings we give you to thank you for your contribution can double up as Christmas presents that give.. and give again.

Check the ACTION PAGE for your Christmas Shopping!

We wish you a very special Christmas ( be kind to yourself! ) and a very challenging and rewarding 2014!

Be well, do well,

Brigitte and the BTS Team

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