About the Importance of Being


The Coorong

The Coorong

This place is so in the process of being.

We are part of what IS. We ARE.
I am in the astral cocoon of our Milky Way.

There are billions of galaxies all around us.
It is so nice to belong 🙂


This I wrote Saturday night, camping at the Coorong. What with work on several fronts, volunteer commitments and general ‘can’t be bothered to pack again’, we hadn’t been in the middle of a big somewhere on our own for way too long. I totally felt the connection with everything living that Saturday night. It reminded me of what is important to me: Love, and a sense of Belonging. Without regular journeys to reconnect, I could never be fully my Self.

As someone once aptly said, ” Without taking the time to be, doing is never enough”.

coorong 3 coorong 2

Where do YOU take the time to be? I’d love to know…

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2 responses to “About the Importance of Being

  1. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. So many humans live in fear of the unknown.. but if we just let our souls connect to the truth of the Universe.. to realise that all and everything (including ourselves) are all connected throughout, then we realise that fear has no place. As a soul, we are already “safe”… as we are already home.. no matter whether we are alive this moment in this form, or existing in another form, we are always ‘home” because our soul is eternally connected to everything. Having said this, there is a beauty and energy that envelopes us and charges us when we are in the presence of different surroundings. Being in the mountains, surrounded by the massiveness and overwhelming serenity of the landscape; just serves to remind us that there is an existential beauty in our physical fragility. The transience that is our physical lives can be greatly inspired and motivated by this fact of fragility. We only have so much time to be here (that we know of..), so we must make the most of it. Whether it be the oceans, the mountains, the bush, the rainforests… anywhere.. we just need to be grateful for this time we are given, and to give honor to that time by letting ourselves just be. We are all of us connected to all and everything. With this fact behind us, what is there to stop us living our dreams and helping each other!? Namaste


    • Thanks so much for your beautiful words! And to answer your question: nothing is stopping us, and that is exactly what we are trying to do, live our dreams and help people make theirs a reality, with an expanding network of like minded souls.. 🙂


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