My God! Time for a New Perspective!

I just had an epiphany. My official Facebook page is, well was, full of being incensed about this or that. While there is an urgent need and a greater than ever demand for real information, I know now that my role is about sharing what I feel, not what I read.

Leaving Life as I knew it behind...

Leaving Life as I knew it behind…

Based on  Brigitte Muir OAM Facebook Page

I was walking out of Makalu Base Camp in this photo, with expedition mate Jen-Tseh Chang. My whole being full of loss. My friend Michael K. Joergensen was killed a few days before, abseiling after summitting the Messner Route. No oxygen, no Sherpas. It was too much. I had to leave.

I am logging the footage from 1999 for the Beyond the Smile Doco, and that inspired me to give my facebook Page a new direction. From the ashes of my fears ( read sadness and rage at the greediness of those ‘leading’ us), I am excited and proud to have come to a new perspective, sharing with you my unerring belief in the goodness of the human race.

As Michael Beckwith said:
” The government of your life rests upon the shoulders of your highest potential.”

Let’s go for it.

Your thoughts?


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