Namaste Lakpa Bhai!

Logging is always tedious, oh yes it is, do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Mind you, silver lines the cloud rewards of reliving experience past.

I have been reading about structure recently*.  That made me remember what Anne said, our first time, together in Lura. “This is about Lakpa! ” It is about Lakpa, my beautiful brother, the one who opened to me his house, his family, his community.


Lakpa Bhai ( younger brother) and Pemba Buhari ( wife of younger brother) in their house, Lura 2008

I learned a lot, living with Lakpa in his world. As a father of six, his main duty is to always  think about where the money is going to come from. Love, is his driving force. I respect and  love him for leading by example, in his life, his family, his village, at work on expeditions, chilling out with friends. Love and duty are the core of this beautiful (and cheeky) Being.


Zoom in on Everest, the Big Mother’s black and yellow summit pyramid, looming behind the Nupste Lhotse Wall. From teh meadow ten minutes walk up from Lura’s Gomba.

I was downloading the footage of our first encounter, on the expedition I led to the Lho La, in 2005. He smiled, and Beyond the Smile became a reality.

I m in 2008 now, my second visit to Lura, Lakpa’s village. I absorb moving images, words and sounds of a life already lived. No emotions are stirred within. I look at it all with curiosity, eagerness even. I marvel at my memories of that time and at what filming captured.

Lakpa Bhai and Brigitte Didi, Lura 2008

Lakpa Bhai and Brigitte Didi, Lura 2008

From where I stand now, six years later, it makes better sense. Missing pieces are slowly revealing themselves.

They will,

I have no doubt about it,

Find their place with ease in the story.

I don’t know yet what will drive the narrative. Right now, I am enjoying watching life as it was, with another few years worth of experiences to help me tell the story.

Beyond the Smile is GO!

* I landed on a YouTube lecture by Fernanda Rossi, Story Doctor. Further research into her advice gave me the inspiration and incentive to do it my way. Nope. No script for me. I’m doing it as I go along, letting the footage tell its story.

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