Cure for Fear and Nepalitis


Eric and I attended a Small Business Festival Victoria dinner in Ballarat last week. The Keynote Speaker was Clare Bowditch, and the subject of her honest, warm, funny and inspiring address was about bringing creativity to your business and business to your creativity, from the Heart.

It was a very interactive session, sharing was the reward. Some of the questions Clare asked us to reflect upon made me realise that FEAR is always the only barrier between me and anything my heart desires. A cycle (no matter how big or small in time) of negativity is just that. It is very hard to break the cycle and to start having faith again in the self, in people, life and the universe.

A very suitable expression for what I am depicting in this blog. Must have been talking about anger as motivator ( Telstra Presentation, 2014)

A very suitable expression for what I am depicting in the paragraph below. Here, I was talking about anger as motivator, after being abandoned by my team very high on Everest’s North Ridge. Obviously it worked, I survived the night to tell the tale! 🙂 ((Telstra Presentation, 2014)

I usually am a very happy person, but at times ( hormones? Challenging conditions of my own making?) if I do not stop just to  ‘be’ and earn myself back, I spiral into a never ending inner scream while my brain, heart (and husband) duck and take cover.

Being at that dinner (thanks to my dear friend Suzanne Gatz for inviting us) made me realise that I was not the only one dealing with FEAR.

Tintin in La Panne, one of the twons on Belgium's fifty six kilometers of coastline.

The explorer in La Panne, one of the towns on Belgium’s fifty six kilometers of coastline.

Clare asked us what feeling being a kid evoked in us. I saw myself as a kid, felt hunger for the unknown and wonder at what is to come.

Being asked where we wanted to be in five years, I clearly knew, there and then, that I wanted to do what I am doing now. Only more of it, with better, bigger resources, in many places, sharing the story and inspiring people to be and do what they love, without fear, and from the heart.

One of those many places is Nepal of course.  Yes, I gladly and happily admit to a fortunate case of incurable Nepalitis.

Soon, I will be in Nepal again ( Yippie! Yay!), with a group of people, some who know each other, some who don’t. All of them will grow together for a fortnight, sharing the life of a very special village full of incredibly inspiring people who are not scared to take the future in their own hands.

Lura Women at our Community Planning meeting, February 2014

Lura Women at our Community Planning meeting, February 2014

We, the visiting family and friends, are going over to have fun, to offer resources and skills, and to learn from their down to earth wisdom. Each of us Trekkers of the Heart is encouraged to share with others something that we love doing. For me, it will be Qi Gong, which ( almost) always brings back harmony to my sometimes chaotic thoughts and feelings. I am only a beginner, but do we not always teach what we need most to learn?

There is one space left on this trip, and I encourage you, whoever you are who will be the perfect lucky last ( we have a maximum of eight participants), to contact me and to book your ticket to the exciting unknown.

Next departure after this October trip: March 2015, email me for details and to reserve your space.

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