A Very Special Birthday Cake


Birth-days are important to me. The day itself sets the tone for the year to come. I like to believe that, and this year, the message was loud and clear. It was about spontaneity, adapting personal wishes to embrace others’ needs and gifts, it was about Love and being aware of the reality of climate change.

Louise turned up as we were about to listen to an Agape Service, so we relocated from the bedroom to the kitchen and had a cuppa. My birthday present from Eric was that he would come with me for a walk to Arapiles. Nothing I love more than going uphill with someone I love. Louise wanted a walk as well, but she being on the tail end of a nasty flu meant changing the itinerary. Instead, we planned an orchid walk, on the flat, at the back of the mountain.

Birthday Walk at the back of Arapiles

Birthday Walk at the back of Arapiles

It was an unseasonably warm day, with a strong, warm northerly wind. Dry already, and most orchids were either gone, or not showing their colours.


My echidna birthday cake!

Something happened though, which made me happy. We saw an echidna, and I decided that it was my birthday cake! Way too many candles I thought!!!

As Lou was telling us of a Spring when she saw six echidnas sunning their spiky bottoms on a ledge at Mitre Rock, she spotted seven of them crossing the road near the Golf course club!

Seven more birthday cakes! I was indeed blessed to witness such an unusual occurrence: frisky males following a female on a warm Spring afternoon! I was lucky enough to have my camera handy, and it is my pleasure to share the experience with you all…

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