When a Natural Disaster Becomes Personal…

Lura Village, by my niece Da Jangmu. part of thedata collection for community ecologic economic development.

Lura Village, by my niece Da Jangmu. part of the data collection for community ecologic economic development.

Knot in the stomach. There has been another earthquake in Nepal, then another, this time both much closer to home: Lura. No direct news yet, just second hand information, devastating.

From Soren: “Still haven’t spoken with Lakpa so this is not yet confirmed but heard from Satish and news are not good.

According to him 27 houses in Lura are destroyed including the school.”

latest news: nine houses destroyed ( in Lura only, waiting for news from the other three villages in community forest / school catchment area) many unsafe, school and newly rebuilt temple destroyed…

People sleeping outside, need tents and tarps. Soren is looking at doing a quick run to Lura to deliver supplies. 

Lura is a poor village of subsistence farmers, just like so many others in the middle hills of Nepal. Except this one is special to me. It is my home in Nepal, it is the home of my brother Lakpa’s family, it is my community, where I got married, where I ve celebrated the birth of a new niece, where I found the meaning of duty, a loving duty that forever ties me to that joyous, courageous and hard working bunch of people.

Please help us rebuild Lura!

 Thank you! Lura Earthquake Fund 633000 – 137358883 Bendigo bank Horsham Australia

Footage from our last Well Being Well Doing Trek. The next one will be about rebuilding earthquake safe houses and school!

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

‘Beyond the Earthquake’

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

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Inside my brother Lakpa’s house, now destroyed, along with many in my village of Lura. I pray no one was killed…

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