Creativity. The Heart Knows Best…


Fernanda in Winter New York, Brigitte in Australia’s sweltering summer!

I have been working with Fernanda Rossi, the Documentary Doctor. In our last session, back in December now, we looked at the half hour I had cut for her, a sample of the footage I have, spanning years from climbing in the nineties to visiting with the Beyond the Smile Community Building Trek in 2014.

I could not help but tell the story in that half hour, with the end of my mountaineering years opening the door to a new life, without expeditions, with sharing and personal growth at its core.

We looked at my first fifteen minutes, which took us to Makalu and the death of my friend Michael, to the end of my high altitude life. We went to Tibet, backtracked to Everest. Fernanda immediately spotted the holes in the story, the missing scenes, the questions without answers. Sent me back to the editing screen, the drawing board.

For a good month, I tried. I scanned old slides, I recorded voice overs, explained expeditions, pondered over what I would, what I could, what I wanted to share to fill that one line in my story needing a scene to illustrate it. ( “for six years I was in limbo..”)

My heart simply was not into it. I did not want to start the Beyond The Smile Story with memories that would drag me back to a previous life. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful for the lessons and people. What I did not want was to have them live in my head.

Not here, not now.

The way forward is now clear.

So much so that the words and feelings flow….

Each one of these locally made Solu copper bowls a present. Love from my Nepali family in my Australian kitchen..

Each one of these locally made Solu copper bowls a present. Love from my Nepali family in my Australian kitchen..

24 February 2016, Natimuk

I feel like I am skipping school.

I ve done my duties for the day, now it is time to play!

Loosing myself in words, rhythms, flows.

Footage, memories of moments living in the moment.

I am weaving a story happening in my Nepali home, while living my Australian life.

In those Nepali moments, the seasons come and go. Over the years we get closer, more loving, sharing.

It is with great humility and gratitude that I am telling this story of two becoming one.

I am aware, and honoured that the people of Lura trust me to share their stories, our stories, with us all.



Grand Mother and Kanchi Sherpa ( chair of the Women’s Committee)


Lakpa Bai ( younger brother) and a gorgeous organic tea farmer we met on our monsoon walk to Jiri in 2013.

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek to Lura

December 2016

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really! On parle francais!!!!!

AND: World First!!!!! Business Workshop and Mentoring Trek!!! ( plus all the trimmings from the WBWD Trek ) An investment in your professional ethical life.

Business Beyond the Earthquake Trek in November 2016


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