A Moment of Joy

IMG_0569 (1)

Tell me it would not have caught your eye!

Friday late, we made a dash to Horsham to get Eric much needed medicated relief for a very sore head, mangled but fixed after a three hour long dental surgery to remove a twisted root jammed in bone. Not one to waste a trip to the ‘Sham, I squeezed in a little shopping, making the rounds of craft shops for garden grown fruits and veggies.

Eric is a wiz with anything needing TLC, and cars, especially classic cars, with nuts and bolts and the other bits one finds in their guts, a source of ever wonder. Good pain medicine I thought when I spotted the scene photographed above, and dragged him over to the classic car and its gentleman, still pouring over its inners.

It turned out the gentleman was also of American stock, from Minnesota. Ninety three years old, bright as a button. Burton came to Australia in the fifties, with his wife and four children. He had said goodbye on the way to three sets of twins and a half ( his twin sister), who had laughed and told him.. you keep going West uh?


Burt’s siblings! Four sets of twins! None of us drink or smoke he said. Perhaps that explains the extraordinary life force that emanated from him..

So now we have a standing invitation to go and visit him, as ‘I have lots of interesting things at home’. No need to tell us twice. We’ll definitely visit, and hopefully, another American will become part of the family.. 🙂

Oh. Neither Eric, nor the bunch of helpful Horsham boys and girls who also tried, could fix the Rambler. Burt’s son had changed the carburetor to a modern, racing car one, and for reason unbeknownst to me, the electrical circuit has melted! Time to get the tow truck in and call the son to come and sort out the mess! 🙂


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