20 years later.. fundraising again, but a very different Quest!

support everest 1993

I remember making this sign, which I had at the market in the Memorial Hall, Natimuk, where I was selling T-shirts to raise money for my climbs. I gave and received a lot of smiles, but did not raise a cent. The intention was there though, and I did make it to Everest in 1993, thanks to the friends and sponsors who believed in me. For the first of my four attempts. Vinson had to wait until 1994.

Twenty years later, and where am I? Fundraising again, but this time to climb a very different mountain, on a very different Quest! Yes, it is about women, and literacy, and going from the personal goal to one which embraces friends, cultures, the present and the future. On board, a bunch of extraordinary people, a story developing, and a worthwhile aim. In  Inger Vandyke‘s words: ” literacy is so much more than just a skill. It means empowerment, income, self worth and the ability to pass on incredible stories that need to be told to children, perpetuate family histories and even be spread to the outside world.”

That’s what we want to do. We need you to make it happen. Share the info with your friends, contribute time, skills, cash, and become part of our Friendily. There is nothing like that feeling of belonging…

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