Brand Ambassador seeking…. Integrity

RMIT lift erased logo

Brand Ambassador Seeking Association with Company or Organisation valuing Integrity, the Environment and a Future for All.

I had done Ads before, and forgotten all about it! Above, the kind of job I was landing just after climbing Everest… this photo shoot happened at RMIT University, and students were walking up and down the hallway, wondering how long it would be before they could use the lift again..

This time around, the idea came from reading my friend Chris Burke‘s blog. She is at Everest Base Camp, and it is interesting to see how things work these days. More on that later. In The Big Issue, May. Make sure you get it.

People who seek to inspire and who endeavour to act on their dreams often fly by the seat of their pants. A lot of time given to projects we are passionate about does not leave many hours for bread and butter activities.

So I thought, well, why not? There are companies out there in need of an edge who are the perfect fit for me. Thus helping everyone. Including the Human Community.

Let me know how I can help you….

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