Buddha’s birthday festival

From Namche Bazaar!

In November 2011, I took 6 people from Australia to climb three peaks in the Khumbu. On the way, we walked through the beautiful small town of Ghat, which has so many prayer wheels that it takes a while to get from one end to the other. If one wants to spin them all, which I usually don’t.

IMG_0377                          IMG_0366


The last series, in the belly of a stupa, is special. The stupa stands proud on top of the hill, dazzling white and guarded by prayer flag posts. I spun them all, those beautiful prayer wheels, in November 2011. With all my heart,  I wished for a beautiful man to be in my life next time I spun them.

I remembered it suddenly when I saw the Stupa, and a big smile split my face. See, yesterday, when I was in Ghat, was Buddha’s birthday, and the full moon to boot. My Host at the lama Lodge was changing the prayer flags on the post, as happens each year on this day, all over Buddhist Nepal.

IMG_0381    DSC01900

Ghat is special in more than one way. The WWF sent a team there a while back ( sorry, internet connections are few and far between here, and I do not have time to research the details). They taught people how to look after the jungle ( forest ) sustainably and they built a demonstration green house, amongst other things I am sure. Now the growers in Ghat specialise in tomato production. And grow vegetables all year round in the fields, as there is no frost to worry about.. anymore. Mmmmm….

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