Back to Namche: “The Home Away from Home”


In Namche, right beside the Gompa on the hill, there is a Guest House called Zamling. Purba and Tsedam Sherpa, their owners, are extraordinary people. Their daughter Kami, when she worked as a teacher at the Namche school, noticed that many of the pupils were coming from far away, walking to and from home every day, for an hour or longer each way. We are talking little ones…  four years old and up..

She talked about it with her parents and they decided to start a ‘Home Away from Home’ for the kids.

It is not uncommon in Nepal for parents to send children as young as five from their native town, Namche for example, to a Kathmandu boarding school. A good education is paramount for advancement in this world, and not having to look after the children allows the parents to give themselves fully to the task of making ends meet, or to prosper.

Back to Namche. The ‘Home Away from Home’ grew quickly from ten boarders to forty. Six loving Sherpa carers look after the kids before and after school, home work and all. The Guesthouse does the washing of clothing in their washing machine, and generally provides help where it is needed, which is most of the time.

An example: the electricity supply in Namche has just been shut for four months, while the hydro is being repaired. The children’s boarding hostel does not have alternative energy such as solar, so no power at all for the foreseeable future. Well, Tsedam and Purba opened their Guesthouse to the children, and they will be based there for the duration…

Most parents pay for their children’s board ( around 5500 Rupees a month, or AUD 65 ). For those who can’t afford it, sponsorship comes from many places, both within Nepal and from over the borders. And oceans.

If you think you can help, and stay committed to helping, please contact Kami Doma Sherpa at:


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