The Artist Studio

Life is the studio of course, wherever our art of happily revering the moment takes us. Time and space as one, always. Everything, everyone of us life drops of a common source. Call it whatever you choose. For me, it is the Energy of Life, as Love, Creation, Being, Doing. With Respect and Compassion, but hey, that’s only spelling them out as Avatars of Love.
As I reread this, the next evening, with the light butter yellow melting on the tender green growth of Spring, I would have to add two more Avatars of Love: Integrity and Personal Responsibility. Perhaps more on that in another post. We are going through a time of bereavement, and that of course always brings about interesting emotions and situations, whichever come first.
I am celebrating life, on earth and over, excited at the prospect of what is, here in the backyard watching the sun dive ice yellow low, and wishing I were wearing long pants. The lively challenges of a Spring day, sitting outside, watching the yellow blablabla….

As I sit, I am taken into the future.  Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which this year happens during the Nati Frinj Festival. Melbourne Cup Week End, and let me tell you, if you want hedonistic feast, dressing up and a bit more stimulus than watching a bunch of horses going around in a circle, Natimuk is the place to be. You might have to bring along tent and supplies. Well worth it to be here and live the magic.

Back to Dia de los Muertos during the Nati Frinj: my darling neighbour Glen is Master of the Hedonistically Cultural Education part of el dia,, providing Ambiance with Mariachi Band, Mexican Bar and Culinary Delights.  Not to forget the Altar. Enough said. Ole.
When I say Ole! I mean it. I was the guinea pig on trial runs, next door, with Sam the German Shepherd’s exuberant joy at having more pack members around, the slow combustion stove cocooning  the kitchen in its cosy warmth, a couple of hedonistically cultural beverages and food snorting to toast our hearts.
That’s Love too.
Love inspires. I pledged an Entrance Arch, and I have been drawing Day of the Dead pictures, to raise funds for the Beyond the Smile Documentary.
Life is, thanks to Love.

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