It’s a New World

Death has been on the agenda for quite some time now.
Eric’s mum passed on in early October. We got him there just in time to say goodbye, in spite of obstacles. He is still in New Orleans, grappling with the heart wrenching practicalities of the after death of a loved one and the time constraints of the migrant loving one.

It is only proper to celebrate death as part of life. That is what I am telling myself as I fulfill my commitment to providing decoration for my neighbours Day of the Dead Mexican food extravaganza at the Nati Frinj.

I was in New Orleans for ten days. Ten days of joy at being welcomed by Eric’s family, of helplessness at living my loved one ordeal, of gratitude and giving in a very modest, but heartfelt way.

Now, I realise that there is only one thing I can do from my familiar world, here in Australia, in the Wimmera, middle of nowhere. I can feel love, I can be love, I can vibrate love, all around, with the bees and the birds welcoming Spring in the Country of the Sky, with the lemon tree spurting sprays of flowers scented with the promise of fruit, with the ripening of confidence, in the self and in all sentient beings. We have a bright future ahead. There is no doubt about that.




One response to “It’s a New World

  1. Dear Brigitte, sending much love and consolation to you and Eric . From death comes new life – we see it in nature everyday and we are nature herself.
    “Perfect Love casts out all fear.” with perfect love, Bill and Babs Ballinger


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