The Mountain of my Doco


Selecting footage for my ‘Meeting Eric’ Sequence

Today I am psyching up for a second carry to Camp One, aka Camp ” Documentary Story Line.”

I started the day at Base Camp, the Production House  kitchen, aka our kitchen. Sorted out piles of videoclips to take up the mountain to Advance Base Camp ( ABC ), from Maman’s funeral footage and meeting Eric.

Note: Need to lighten the load, must be ruthless. Only the essentials.

This selection when completed will be carried with others over the Icefall of ” Am I Assembling the Right Ingredients? “, through the “Story Line” Camp, to the ABC of “Scene Selections”.

Along the way, I must make sure to note the sounds, recurring visuals and themes encountered . May come in handy to determine the way to Camp Three, the Camp “That Does Not Yet Have a Name”. This is located on the “Steep Slope of Inspiration”, inspiration which is now mostly running the show. The going  is smooth, with the odd doubt about the direction this is taking, to keep me interested.

I’ll need to stop then.

A good rest at Base Camp, even a trip down valley to put things in perspective and let the conditions be right on the mountain again.

I channel a trip to Ubud, Bali, fundraising for the Beyond the Smile Community Centre and Kitchen Garden  in Lura, and brain storming with the invaluable David G. So much fun working with a team of people full of love, commitment and faith in the Goodness of Life and the willingness to ride the Loving Waves of the Universe, God, Source, Life!

As you read this, I will have spent the week on my climb, getting towards ABC. A good time for a segment of Nepali life!

Tomorrow, I ll be doing Koras  ( walking circles ) around Bodhnath Stupa, holding my mum’s travel rosary between my fingers.


Bodhnath, my neighbourhood for a few days. Here I come!







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