Walking The Other Side


Naya Bazaar Market Day. Buying limes, $2 per kilo! Yum!

Naya Bazaar Market Day. Buying limes, $2 per kilo! Yum!

Saturday was Market Day in Naya Bazaar. A joy to walk down the trail from Lura, cross the Solu Khola, and up to the busy-ness of the Salleri side.

Jarka and Dan buying presents for their daughter Linda's birthday

Jarka and Dan buying presents for their daughter Linda’s birthday

Clamour, colours, smells, food, clothing, trinkets, live chooks, and more…the rendez vous location for our shoppers was of course a momo shop, where we sampled more of the mouth watering morsels.

The guys stayed at the Momo Center. Nima ( or Ninja as seven year old Linda calls him! ), Mote, Puri, Lakpa. Friends and Saturday rakshi were calling.

We made our way back to Lura without them, a slow amble, taking in everything along the way.

lura chortens in forest

I soon trailed behind, falling into a walking meditation that took me back to my high altitude mountaineering days. Breathing slowly, deeply. One slow, dancing step after the other. Up, up, up. Feeling the soft of socks inside boots, becoming the receding roar of the river, the crescendo of crickets songs, the red of a fallen leave on the trail, the yellow gold of moss cover on chortens.

Walking Meditation. The walk up to Lura, via Roshi.

Walking Meditation. The walk up to Lura, via Roshi.

The ground, just like in my snow crampons walking days, easily shifted from steep to flat, one effortless, connected step at a time.

lura team at mani wall roshi

A few of the Well Being Well Doing Trek Team in Roshi: Anna, Dan, Jarka, Lyn.

I caught up with the others, a flowery meadow by an unkept but so beautiful mani wall. Sharing my family village with new friends, all of us making ourselves, and our world a better place. Working together, and most definitely in this place of no ego, having fun doing it!

There are thousands of Lura in Nepal.

Endless possibilities. Giving time, skills, love, a little seed money. We can all find our Lura, where ever we are. All it takes is an open heart, and the joy to share appears, for all to rejoice in. The world is a better place! 🙂

Be well, do well!

Note: our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones in the recent avalanches in the Annapurna Area.
Lura is located in the Solu, below the Everest Area.




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  1. what a beautiful piece of writing…. i can almost smell the grass in the meadow… hope it won’t be too long till i get back to Nepal..


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