Inspiring People: Chris Jensen Burke

Chris on Tim's Numbur Trip. Obviously thriving on hardship! :-)

Chris on Tim’s Numbur Trip. Obviously thriving on hardship! 🙂 Ph.: Sue McCormick


Chris Jensen Burke started her discovery of Nepal’s high country at the deep end: Up and Down Bush bashing in the Rolwaling Himal with Tim McCartney-Snape, high altitude mountaineer and first Australian ( with Greg Mortimer) to summit Everest. It does not get tougher than that.

After a trip to Mera Peak, which must have been a walk in the park after her initiation, she joined my ( now defunct )  Three Peaks in the Khumbu trip. She was there to learn, and learn she did. We both did. I had told people at the start, as I always do, if you have a problem, please tell me about it. She had a problem, she told me, we worked out a solution.
Chris is great at finding solutions and her love of high mountains was, and is, all consuming. And so, step by step, Chris devised the perfect way to live her passion…. here she is, talking about it, as I caught up with her at the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu.





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