Don’t Talk To Me, I’m Busy Breathing!*

Busy! Momos lunch in Salleri, Well being Well Doing Trek, Feb 2104.

Busy, busy, busy! Momos lunch in Salleri, Well being Well Doing Trek, Feb 2104.

Something I have noticed recently is that when I ask people how they are, the answer is, without fail, “busy”. It does not tell me how they are, busy, but it sounds good. It sounds important. And, must I say it.. it sounds BORING. We are all busy being and doing. Doh.

A better answer, me thinks, would be ” I m very well, thank you”, with a smile to boot. Then one could ask, ” and what have you been up to? “, and sit comfortably to listen to the many things that make our lives. Not so last century. The answer to “what have you been up to” used to be a drawn out …” ooohhh… noooot muuuch..” In this new age of running around like a chook with no head and no clear direction but a certain death, cursed be the one who dares to come up with the now antiquated and totally unimportant person answer.

Well, in Lura, we were up to a lot. Yep, we were… busy.

Really, really busy.

Lakpa busy storing maize.

Lakpa busy storing maize.

Busy talking, busy walking, busy reading, busy eating, busy planning, busy laughing, busy helping with the maize crop, busy reading to kids, busy having meetings with villagers about their long term plans for Lura, busy sleeping and napping, busy being, busy drinking tea and chang and rakshi, busy listening to everyone and their stories. Yet, for our two weeks of being together no one uttered those dreadful self important words  in answer to the daily ” and how are you today?”

Busy smiling. Tihar Festival, Lura.

Busy smiling. Tihar Festival, Lura.

Being in the moment is like that. Enjoying the Being, or Doing, without worrying that the job will never be done.

Relax. Enjoy Right Now! The job NEVER gets done!

And thank God for that.

Gotta keep busy


view from everest lodge phaplu

Next well Being Well Doing Trek: 16 to 30 November 2015. Maximum of 8 participants. US$2780 per person, ex Ktm. Contact me for details and bookings.

* This was the title of a cassette tape selection made by a Sydney friend for the Everest West Ridge Expedition members in 1984, six members, no Sherpas, no oxygen.

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