Keeping Ms Hyde Away


Mount Arapiles. The sun is shining and the grass is not green 🙂

The mower refused to start, even after Eric’s ministrations, even after my kicking it with gusto.

So much for righteous good intentions ( I hate mowing).

Disingenuity churned out frustration. Next came anger at nothing in particular.

Not even at the mower.


The Beast

Out of nowhere, gratefulness for the recalcitrant contraption. My dad’s block and its grass, so long and dry, could wait.

I went to Arapiles for a walk , so there.


And oh, what a relief.

It is hot, walking up central gulley trail is sweaty work, but my oh my..

The scent of the bush is soothing, as are the heavy breathing, and the tiredness in my quads. Too much computer work and not enough walking since I came back from Nepal, not enough up, not enough being at one with nature, and the bird that just sang, two notes in the wind.

Point taken.

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