Hello Dear Ones!

blast from the past eddie

Blast from the Past! Malcolm Mattheson, me, Eddie Ozols. Mount Arapiles Veterans from the Eighties…

A small present for you in this time of renewal. I was watching the trial edit I did of Beyond the Smile in 2008.. well, it does make me feel like I do have a story to tell. Seven years later, the story has grown, I have a lot more footage and ideas, themes emerging and what not.

I felt like sharing with you my first steps, hesitant steps, raw, just playing with words and concepts, voice over ideas, sounds and songs, each one bringing to life in my heart the events that led to finding my soulmate and teacher, my community, my mission on this planet. ( yes, I accepted it..)

So voila, and remember, paintings often start with a scribble…

There is a form below where you can give me feedback and ideas. Of course subtitles will be added when I get to later stages of edit…


For an inspirational time, please contact me. Information on speaking engagements HERE

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek, 16 to 30 November 2015. Maximum of 8 participants. US$2780 per person, ex Ktm.








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