The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Present from Lura!

wedding luraA year ago, Eric and I were married in the Tamang Tradition in Lura, at my brother Lakpa’s house…. I received these photos from Nima Bai, our brother in Kopan ( Kathmandu) on the anniversary of our wedding.. there are of the work, now completed, to bring water from a spring above Roshi, to the Community Forest Building and future Greenhouse.

water reservoir lura

digging trech through forest lura

digging trench lura






Thank you to the Frolec family, and the Gallagher-Roberts family, for their financial contribution to the project! ( All six were members of the last Well Being Well Doing Trek to Lura and region, in October 2014)

Next: raising funds for a greenhouse and permaculture teacher training in Salleri! 🙂

Trek details HERE

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Summer read: Musings on our wedding anniversary time at Bridgewater Bay…

sunrise cape bridgewater

Sunrise, Cape Bridgewater

There is something very precious about watching the mood of the Great Southern Ocean hour after hour, day after day. Feeling at one with it and the entire universe. No interference from other human vibrations, just Eric and I,  unison, and the land of fluidity.

There are wind generators on the Western horizon, in from Cape Bridgewater.

wind generator bridgewater bayIt is the first time I see them, I haven’t been this way since the days of Lawrence of Arabia, in the nineties. The four hour long movie epic was on at the Horsham Cinema. After seeing it, someone had said “Let’s go to the Dunes!” So the lot of us movie goers – Arapiles residents had packed our backpacks, poured in our cars at the midnight hour, floated to Discovery Bay, and trekked across the coastal dunes to the dawn of an silver ocean.

beach cape bridgewater

Sitting here, in front of the same ocean, I am re discovering the art of allowing, a reminder that too long in one place can stifle inspiration.

the bay house view from kitchen windowI make myself at home again with the salty wind and the forever waves, with the minimalist landscape and the power of space.

A world away from our  summer scorched land.

Time and Space,

Eternal, precarious.



Contact me if you wish to be part of our Friendily, our Family of Friends..



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