On Being.

I strongly feel like lying down this afternoon.
Stay still,
Close my eyes,
Abandon myself to the moment.

Thoughts immediately cascade down!

Resisting the rush.
Let yourself be carried.
Have faith, woman.

Random thought-pebbles in the pool of moments past, present and future.

Near the shore, this one,

Twinkles through clear memories

The love, fun and joy of a shared time with our friend Dorothy.

Float awhile.
Eyes shut-aware, translucent orange.

Tender green next.
Purple now, lilac and burgundy tendrils.

Clarity is making a come back, energy emerges slowly from letting go.

                                                                                                        Not ready to move yet.

Body and mind in unison,

Waiting for heart energy to catch up.


Papa and his prized Pelikan Fountain Pen

I just ordered a new, proper diary, and a fountain pen to write with.

I actually allowed myself this special creative treat! Wow!

A vintage Pelikan  fountain pen.

It is the sister of my father’s pride, a much  loved stylo his dad gave him all those years ago.

It disappeared not so mysteriously from my school bag, at the College Saint-Martin’s girls toilet door.
Dearly missed ever since.

I ve been thinking a lot about papa recently.

I scoop to my chest an armful of gratitude pebbles, I feel his love and deep wisdom.

Innocent cheekiness of unadulterated heart and mind.

All is well.

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

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