Resentment Fast is GO!

june 2013 walking out to jiri

I am on a forty day Resentment Fast.
Til Easter. Less than forty day now. Close enough. I realised that as I get older, and this has to be a proof of self awareness, I realised that resentment is too often the first thought that pops into my mind when faced with situations. Situations that involve people, whether just me, or others.

I do not like it.

Time to do something about it.

So, if I catch the thought as soon as it forms, I can change the feeling from one of victimisation to one of empowerment.

I grew up a Catholic, which means I have a head start in guilt allocation. But also in believing. I do believe in the Ten Commandments, and the wisdom of Jesus.( and that of Mohammed, and Buddha and all of those amazing people who are our bridge to ‘Beloving’.  I believe in the power of love, and the high vibration it allows, to bring myself in tune with the Universal Love Ernergy.

So why not a conscious practice, at this time of Lent? Lent is after all about giving up something. What better to give up, but that feeling of negativity that takes over at times of relational challenges? What better time to change what is only a habit of thought, into another, positive and loving?

I solemnly promise to be aware, and to swiftly transform each and every one of my ugly random thoughts into beautiful ones, until 2 April, Easter Sunday. By then, it will have become a way of life, going with the flow, an instinct which will have the power to transform my life into one of joy and wonder.

No matter what. 🙂

Foolproof way to change a negative thoughts into a loving one: think about my nieces and nephews. Here with Purba Tamang.

One foolproof way to change a negative thought into a loving one: to think about my nieces and nephews. Here with Purba Tamang in 2013.











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