Taking Time To….


Ballarat Railway Station from our favourite guesthouse, en route to Bali.10 April

10 April

We are going to Bali, to the North Coast, to the sea and the mountains my Hawaiian husband misses so much in the country of the sky.  It was a big move, for a man thriving on an island in the middle of the Pacific, to shift his personal and professional life to my dry, empty continent.

I am grateful he did. I have learned more in the last three years than I have in decades. Starting a relationship mid life is not an easy journey.  There are storms, there are times of reckoning. How beautiful and rewarding life is, if one is willing to face one’s demons!

On the way, staying at our favourite guesthouse in Ballarat. I love it here. Bohemian Chic, my friend Anne Tindall would call it.

Photo on 9-04-15 at 8.56 PM #2

Catching up with Suzanne, of Open Window.


Speaking of friends, I just had the most rewarding time rejoicing in my friend Suzanne Gatz‘s achievements. She left the security of an un-fulfilling job for a life of following her heart. Yay! I say.

She looks so grounded!



It is time to go to bed now, we are leaving at 5 am tomorrow.   At the end of tomorrow are the rainbow of Eric’s happiness, being near the ocean again, and our being together. Just being, for the first time since we met, three years ago…


At Gaia Oasis , a great community development model we may use in our designing the future of our own communities in Nepal and Hawai’i










With my Belgian cousin Bernard Marchal, who also grew a love for making docos. Indonesia and Bali are the canvas on which he assembles his stories, people always their core.

18 April

Did I say just Being?! Work and Play more like it! Where does work start, where does play end? Exchanging work tips and ideas with my cousin Bernard Marchal. He is working in Bali on a full length documentary, started five years ago.

And getting homework from Fernanda Rossi on character development… oh.. is it too much fun to be work?! A most resonant NO! If it ain’t fun, it ain’t sustainable! ( Thanks Tim Hall for this quote!)



Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

Buy my Ebook: The Wind in my Hair









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