Good News and Random Other News

thank you Natimuk people

Glad we could help. Thanks Steve Findlay for providing the motivation to hold a fundraiser. 🙂

Nepal and the earthquake have been dominating our thoughts and lives in the last two months, and it now feels a little strange to go back to business as usual, at least part time…

Not that things have not been happening! School rebuilding is Go!, thanks to the World Expeditions Foundation (WEF).

I have been sharing with education orientated NGOs in Oz the earth bag building techniques information I researched thoroughly over a good month ( try this book for info, and a fantastic read!! Mud Ball by Atulya K Bingham )

Collaboration is essential to avoid re inventing the wheel! So beside the WEF, I ve been talking to the Himalayan Development Foundation Australia, to the Australian Himalayan Foundation, and to the Edge of Seven in the USA. I so would love an interactive map of which NGO/gvt program is doing what, and where!!!

People from Lura and the Gyamdanda Community Forest villages will be learning new skills soon, to help them rebuild, and create new income streams locally, which is what Beyond the Smile is about! Holistic approach to sustainable economic, ecologic development ( SEED)

AND: I have been making my peace with the fact that my days of expeditions to faraway places, carrying big packs, pulling sleds or other uncomfortable ( if once upon a time elating) means of thriving in the middle of whoop whoop, are over.

Yep, that’s it. I have a lifetime of pushing myself physically and mentally behind me, and it is without shame that I announce my willingness to have different kinds of adventures, in the here and now. See photos below for a hint at the direction things are taking in Oz!!


Deep creek Conservation Park, South Australia



A new way to travel in Oz!






BUT: Nepal is my second home. I will always love walking its mountain paths! It is also a privilege to share time with my community in the  Gyamdanda Forest. Come and join us for the one and only real experience of living in a small subsistence farming village, and how much we can learn from the ancestral connections of people with the land..

Footage from our last Well Being Well Doing Trek. The next one will be about rebuilding earthquake safe houses, and creating local jobs with permaculture and renewable energy!

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

‘Beyond the Earthquake’

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

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I share my passion for ‘live your dream, don’t dream your life’

Inspirational Speaking is how I fund the many hours of volunteering I happily give to the Beyond the Smile Program in Lura.

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  1. Love the news about the work in the villages! And also your personal news – you have had so many amazing adventures in your life and you have so many more ahead.

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