A Must Read, Courtesy of Victor Saunders

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Pictures for Nepal- soon in BTS Shop. My drawings, inspired by mountains and their people. A percentage of the sales will go to rebuilding people’s houses in the villages of the Gyamdanda Community Forest.


Inspiration is all around. Sometime, others who are on the same life path, who have learned the same truths, come up with the right words to express the joys of the journey.

No point in reinventing the wheel. Without further ado, I give you Victor‘s words!

And by the way, Sybarite means: A person devoted to pleasure and luxury 🙂

The view from the Top of the Mountain

victor saunders 2

Victor Saunders.Ph: Matthew Xerri ( I think!)

Though I remember having seen the view from the top of the mountain,
and I still have some idea of where life is going, I often lose sight
of the wood for the trees. In other words I, like most of us, live a
life of structured chaos. For instance; I believe in many
contradictory things. A good example are the Sybarite’s Creed and the
Climber’s Creed.

Sybarite’s: Never bivouac if you can camp. Never camp if there is a
hut. Never sleep in a hut if there is a hotel. Climber’s: If you were
not cold you had too many clothes. If you were not hungry you carried
too much food. If you were not frightened you had too much gear. If
you got up the route it was too easy anyway. I believe in both whole
heartedly. I got to be this way, not through design or planning, but
through Brownian motion, following an erratic path, knocked this way
and that by people, many of whom are my friends.

And this is because it is people and not places that I value most. I
have now been on eighty expeditions spending six and a half years
under canvas. I have climbed on all continents, many of the trips
bringing first ascents. And yet it is not the mountains that remain
with me but the friendships. In 1940 Colin Kirkus wrote “…going to
the right place, at the right time, with the right people is all that
really matters. What one does is purely incidental.” How true.

© Victor Saunders, 5 July 2015

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Footage from our last Well Being Well Doing Trek. The next one will be about rebuilding earthquake safe houses, and creating local jobs with permaculture and renewable energy!

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‘Beyond the Earthquake’

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

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