The Next Mountain.

In this doco by Anne and Wayne Tindall, completed after many tribulations in 2004,   I talk about challenges.

There is always another one.

This time, on Big Island, Hawai’i.

I am extremely privileged to be sharing a house, and work, with a bunch of talented people.

More about this in a later blog.


Manua Kea, 4205m. Summit as elusive as ever. Maybe next time..

Even with volcanoes towering above, ghosts in clouds, I feel far from the mountains I love. It is hurricane season here, and bucketing down does not even start to cover it.

Hot, sweaty, burning in the sun.

Cold, windy and pouring down, cowering in bed.

A land of extremes.

There is a ‘oui, mais’ ( yes, but)

I am starting to feel the vibe of this ancient land, thanks to quick dashes to unpopulated corners of the island.

Moving away from: ” OooO, I dont like this, this is not me at all”, to ” MMMmm! …”

Fears subside, born again as excitement.


Teresa on left, on public trail. Green, on right. Private property, THEN the ocean! 😦 The Ozzie in me has a hard time dealing with that…

Past posh properties and those others who have total ocean frontage for miles, glimpses of ancient island.

If I look closer, further up, further down, entire tracks of land wild and black and       lava blistered.

Random violent pink flowering trees.  Golden grass tufts. A bush fire last week that uncovered centuries old village foundations …


Hawai’i is growing on me.


Not surprising, with all that rain and heat.


Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

‘Beyond the Earthquake’

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

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Business Beyond the Earthquake Trek

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