Encounter with swerving eighteen wheeler on narrow road…

I almost lost one of those I love most on this Earth. Circumstances are irrelevant. What matters is that everything I was getting very sick of is now making perfect sense. We are slowly making progress, one step at a time, held in the light of working together, grateful for our strengths and humbly accepting our weaknesses.

Coping mechanisms that somewhat worked in the past eventually compounded the situation. My frustrations, too often vocalised with gusto, contributed to the out of control downward spiral: that fear of being a disappointment, energy fueling the fire of self destruction.

I am talking about ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder. I vaguely knew the term, as one of my close relatives, bless her soul,  had a few years back identified the condition that explained the lack of focus and other challenges in her life.

As I poured my heart out, very much in need of love and support to allay my fears, even a little, in the ten day marathon of sheer terror, that Wise One pointed out ADD might be the ‘problem’ with that dear One.

I am compelled to share the understanding and relief this led to, through the words that follow. Information from Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD: How to Overcome Chronic Distraction and Accomplish Your Goals.


The crisis that almost cost us our Loved One has a silver lining. It brought together amazing people I am proud and grateful to call Friends. True friends, without whom we would be grieving, instead of celebrating a rebirth from the ashes of fear and despair. From now on, I believe it will be onto the Joy and Rewards of creating and thriving together. The Tribes are consolidating, from rallying around theirs at a time of great need.


Beyond the Smile is about Belonging. Join us on a trek this November, and incidentally, help rebuild Nepal!

Footage from our last Well Being Well Doing Trek. The next one will be about rebuilding earthquake safe houses, and creating local jobs with permaculture and renewable energy!

Next Well Being Well Doing Trek

‘Beyond the Earthquake’

16 to 30 November 2015, ex Kathmandu.

Ideal for families, friends, anyone really!

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Inspirational Speaking is how I fund the many hours of volunteering I happily give to the Beyond the Smile Program in Lura.



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