I Am My Knight In Shining Armour

Last night I dreamed of film makers and a white horse.
The film makers were Nepali, sitting at a table discussing… film making I guess.

The horse, ah well, the horse, that is a story in itself.


Morning Mist C, by Fran J Scott

This was my ride, a frisky, lightning white stallion with curly flowing mane and a gusto for life.
This cheeky horse had a soft spot for whipped cream and chocolate. He arrived at the L***t Cafe before I did, and the giggling Nepali waiters treated him to a big serve of its favourite tucker. I had to laugh as I took the scene in.

Do dreams influence our waking hours?

I almost threw a wobbler this afternoon, as I checked the state of our finances. Anger at not having had any income for the last two months, a spark of fear, all of it surprisingly replaced in an instant by a feeling of fun and adventure.

Very unusual for me. Deep rooted fear of not enough money, childhood years. Child of the seventies, expecting Prince Charming to save me.

Yet, it happened. I became ‘not scared anymore’. I found myself on the side of choice, looking at the bright side and guided by the flow of letting go of lack. I was, and I am, surrounded by surmountable possibilities. (*)

In dream interpretation, the white horse is a symbol of all around ease, wealth and enjoying life to the fullest.

So a spunky white horse with a taste for chocolate and cream? Well, does not get any better than that! 🙂

(*) Inspired by:  ” Gentlemen, we are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities!” Pogo.

caving winter

One of my first and most extraordinary caving experiences, and, incidentally, the time I lost my virginity, in a stable on Christmas Eve, has to do with meeting a white horse in the mist, on top of a mountain in the Basque Country. You can read about it, and discover my own first hand experience of the 1996 Everest debacle, in my ebook The Wind in My Hair

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