Remembering Patience

Ravens toys

Papa Brandon makes Raven’s toys…

Namadgi National Park, 23 October

I realised last night, as I read a book to my Fairy God Son Raven, that my sometime ( or more often than sometime, would my husband say), lack of patience with him, and life in general, stems from the lack of children in my everyday life.

I do have loved little ones in my life.

Dear, dear ones.

They live in Wollongong, Julien and Jay, my sister’s kids.

In Belgium, my brother’s one year old, Marc Antoine, once met son.

In Nepal, my two weeks a year beloved five nieces and one nephew, Purni Maya, Da Jangmu, Soma, Phulmaya, Purba and Bandana.

Family time in nepal: Brigitte, Soma ( at the back), Da Jangbu, Pemba Buhari. Purni Maya took the photo

Family time in Nepal: Brigitte, Soma ( at the back), Da Jangbu, Pemba Buhari. Purni Maya took the photo


In the ACT, magical six year old Raven, and Fiery Red sister Fern.

None in Natimuk. Must find some. A professional Auntie cannot have a balanced life without the beautiful connection with life that children give..

A-hunting I must go, to find the balance in life and reminder of what is important, the full attention in the moment that unadulterated souls give, through the divine connection of here and now. Complete.

Murrumbindgee in Gundagai, 26 October. On the way home to Natimuk.


A little blurred. Quick photo of artwork before taking to the Goat Gallery for Minuscule exhibition, at the Frinj this week end!!!

Murrumbidgee Spirit Flame.

Moon rising.

The flash brings out the spirit flame of trees cooling their roots in the big water of the Murrumbidgee .

Old World Minuscule, very small part of the Here and Now.


Vibration of water and land meeting,

A stone throw away from glistening lights and rumbling thunder on the Hume Highway.


Brigitte Muir O.A.M.


Inkjet print on acid free paper, coloured pencil. Handmade rag paper background.



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