I Wish You…


Last night, I woke up thinking of the beautiful women I have been mentoring. Such an honour and an inspiration to see them empowered by life and their own desire for growth, getting themselves out of the comfort zone. And I, sharing my lifetime of experience at climbing mountains,  those of rock and ice, or the ones so much more challenging, the mountains of everyday life.

Stephanie, one of my magnificent “mentorees”, has taken the plunge, she parked her dog with a loving friend, left her job, sold her earthly possessions and she is hitting the high road to adventure and the exciting unknown. First stop, Aconcagua, then France and finding a job with a climbing company to gain more experience for her Seven Summits Quest. Check her fundraising site and beautiful art at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ain-t-nothin-gonna-break-my-stride-dream#/


Go Steph, Go!!


M One, Sunrise

Happy New Year! Thank you, Life!!!


This is a thank you to my beautiful friends, past, present and future, because who wants to be, play or work with people who are not friends? This is a thank you to 2016, a thank you for the lessons learned and those still to be learned. And finally, a thank you to 2017 for the opportunities to grow, out of each experience past, present, and future.

Thank you life! 🙂

10882088_10205546439488239_516800871970425281_n Jacques Brel‘s New Year wishes on Europe 1 radio, 1 January 1968

“I wish you dreams, never ending, and the furious desire to turn a few into reality.
I wish you to love what must be loved, and to forget what must be forgotten.
I wish you passions, I wish you silences, I wish you bird songs upon waking up, and children laughing.
I wish you to respect the difference in others, because the merit and the value of each of us often takes uncovering.
I wish you to withstand stalemate, indifference and the negative virtues of our time.
I wish you last to never give up on exploration, adventure, life, love, because life is a magnificent adventure and everyone sane of mind ought to give up on it without a fierce fight.
Above all, I wish you to be yourself, proud to be, and happy, because happiness is our true destiny.”


Brigitte Koch-Muir OAM summitted Everest in 1997, on her fourth attempt. Storms, spending the night out at 8500m without light or oxygen, and being caught in the 1996 disaster on the South Col of Everest are some of the challenges she faced before eventually summitting. She was a high altitude expedition climber, and leader, for almost thirty years. She is also a story teller, and belongs to the Beyond the Smile Friendily, and the SEED Alliances, a network of people excited by the idea of changing the world by implementing a business model based on collaboration, and having fun doing it.

When she is not chasing possums, she is a keynote speaker, and  leads community building treks to her favourite place in Nepal.

Register your interest for a community building/ cultural/walking trek to Lura and area, in 2017.

Private groups welcome:  I can design and lead your special destination trek according to your very own vision and wishes!

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Click on cover to buy ebook version!


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I share my passion for ‘live your dream, don’t dream your life’

Inspirational Speaking is how I fund the many hours of volunteering I happily give to the Beyond the Smile Program in Lura. You can help the women and school leavers of Lura by hiring me as a speaker! Or donate to the BTS documentary ( tax deductible over $250 in Australia) and get yourself or the organisation/company of your choice a highly inspirational talk. ( BEYOND THE SUMMIT ANGELS  AND ARCHANGELS only)

Register your interest for a community building/ cultural/walking trek to Lura and area, in February 2017.


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  1. I’d love to have that “average” pitcher. The guy misses bats and has had the misfortune of pitching in a notoriously hitter friendly home park. I think it’s a stretch to claim that he’s a #4 in that rotation


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