Hello New Life

I have just been through a soul destroying process. I applied for a job I already had. I thought I was doing a good job. My first job with a pay cheque ever. At the tender age of fifty nine. I loved it, producing, having the back of my leader, a man with a wealth of knowledge and a big heart and I having been a leader for so long, knowing what support a leader needed.

I loved it, beside producing a radio show, having a platform for sharing the inspiring stories of the unsung heroes of my land.

Sorry they said. You did not get the job. I cannot be mad. I must find a way to keep sharing the passion that people’s inspiring lives, people of my beloved country, the one I travel every day, ignite in me. I do not have a recognised platform anymore, but does it matter? What is relevant? Life starts at whatever age or stage you are. I’ll never stop learning. Starting again, at sweet sixty, is opening my horizon. Thank you for the opportunity to learn, once more. I might have a big cry first though. I need to grieve for what was mine, for a blessed year.

Do get in touch if you want a keynote speaker to inspire, or a trek leader to take you and your group to a place you’ve never been.

Brigitte Muir O.A.M.

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