A Women 4 Women Walking Retreat!


Is Norm Stealing your Dreams?

Each time my spine tingled when l Looked at a mountain, I knew it was the right one. That feeling is what led me so many times to excitedly visit a travel agent and book a flight to the country of my next dream.

Usually I had no money to pay for the whole trip, but that did not stop me investing my faith (and a deposit) into what my heart told me was the way forward. And each time, it happened and I broke through the normality of life. Somehow, the money and time materialized for me to pursue my (literally) higher destiny.

That’s how I managed to pay for and go on four Everest expeditions, in 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Persistence paid off because I didn’t want to submit to Norm….




Brigitte Muir (Ph: Kate Baker)








Reassure your Norm!

Our November Walking Retreat is not Norm-al! It’s one of those rare experiences that define a time in our lives if only we allow ourselves the absolute essential gift of “looking after me first”.

Personally, I find that a happy me is a happy everyone around me. Without that inner happiness and grounding, I soon turn into a grumpy, overworked, overwhelmed “poor me” character. Uh. I don’t like that person.

To distance myself, I gave her a name, Norm, and I made a puppet to represent her and remind me that no matter what Norm says, when there is a will, there is a way.

So.. if you have a Norm telling you the following, let me reassure her, and address your concerns!

What Norm might say..

I really want to go, but who am I kidding? No way I am fit enough.

Well yes, you are. Or if you need a little preparation, I can help. We walk from one hour a day to a maximum of six. That’s with a light day pack, and plenty of stops along the way. Challenging enough to get you out of your comfort zone, but remember, we are not out to kill you! This walking retreat is about having fun, not climbing Mount Everest! (although you’ll hear plenty about that, and learn quite a few insider tricks along the way)

We will be flying up to Phaplu and walking at around 2500 to 3500 meters which is not much higher than Mount Kosciuszko

Geez, that costs a bit. I really should spend the money on the family /extra mortgage repayments/a car upgrade/blah blah blah.

You are worth it. The experience we are offering you is worth it. Hell, it is cheap for what you’ll get out of it. This is an investment in your present, in your future, in your well-being .

Plus you get to go to a cool place, discover a new culture that no “factory treks” will ever give you, spend time with me, and Juliette, the other cool women on the trip and most importantly, spend time with you.

Plus you get to meet with , chat and help local women who are so keen to learn and better their lives, AND you’ll have the most exotic Christmas presents ever this year, plus you’ll have re and post trip webinars … do I need to go on?

My partner, kids, job and pets need me. I need to be responsible 

Yes you do! Relax….It is less than two weeks, not months away. You can organise your way around that if you really want to. It’s a matter of choices. Get creative. Take the lead. Find a solution. Be proactive

I’m a fussy eater – I might not cope with the food

Well I must say the food is yummy and plentiful, and guess what? You won’t have to cook for almost two weeks! Dietary requirements will be catered for. The Tamang are wonderful cooks AND when we are camping, you will eat in a camp dining room with table and chairs.. luxury!

Mmmm Hygiene is pretty important to me….. 

Ablutions considerations: a toilet tent with a toilet seat over hole, dirt thrown on top of your business, and a new location as needed. And yes, toilet paper is allowed. 😉

A bowl of warm washing water in your tent after your wake up.

A cuppa in bed to welcome the day, with a smile and a cheerful “good morning didi*” salutation. Hot water on demand for extra washing of hair and clothes. (hot shower and flushing toilet in Phaplu and Kathmandu)  * polite greeting, literally, older sister.

Who am I kidding… I so want to go but I cant rough it for 10 days!

Actually you’ll be in a twin share super deluxe room in Kathmandu for 3 nights and in a comfortable twin share room in Phaplu for 1 night . (If you require a single, you’ll have to pay an extra US$25 per night so bring a friend or just share!)

We will be in comfy twin share tents with mattresses for 6 nights. If you have a favourite sleeping bag, do bring it along. Otherwise, we will hire you one . . . you’re not a princess are you? 😉

Just imagine..

I bet you that once you have decided to come, you will like me feel:

  • your spine tingle when you close your eyes and feel the evening cool air,
  • the wood smoke from village fires wafting in the night,
  • the laughs of our Tamang cook and helpers in the kitchen tent,
  • the song of the creek running down the mountain side,
  • the chants of the monks celebrating life and a new day,
  • your own giggles and aha moments,

You’ll find that everything falls into place, and so it should.

We are creating our own reality 🙂

Talk soon


PS: Deposits of $399 are open now and can be paid by logging in to Women 4 Women Walking Retreat website for payment details or contacting Juliette and me by phone or email below:

Questions? Contact us today 1-800-663-484

brigittemuiroam@icloud.com   askjuliette@coachingsecrets.com.au

Brigitte Muir OAM & Juliette Robertson
Women 4 Women
PO BOX 419
Church Point, NSW 2105, Australia

Dates: 11 to 20 November 2018. Special inaugural price!

Also in November 2019.

Next blog: Who is Juliette, and how on Earth did we connect?!












2 responses to “A Women 4 Women Walking Retreat!

  1. The trip sounds amazing and I look forward to travelling with you one day. I know it would be magical. The timing isn’t right for me, but this is on my bucket list.


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