Letting Go of Expectations

dorothy and leaves
Today two things happen that were meant to become one. I read a beautiful post by James Ratcliffe on his independent artist page, one I have been following for quite some time on wordpress. Not only is James a master of words and ideas, he also write music that makes my heart sing with love.
And lo and behold, who should be sharing on her FB page a photo of Mini-Her in the seventies, big smile exploding from a Canadian pile of autumn leaves, but my friend Dorothy, who believe you me, still has the same smile and appetite for life. As well as a deep interest in consciousness.  Add what I learned at my Reiki 1 workshop last week end – Accept, do not Expect -, and you have the perfect expression of the way I feel in this moment in time, ticking through my list of things to do, enjoying every minute of it!
How great it is to be in the present!
Thank you James, thank you Dorothy, thank you Life.


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2 responses to “Letting Go of Expectations

  1. Your comment on James Radcliffe’s site caught my attention, because I came to the same realization, as of late (but, never too late; and, better now, than never); and, also, because of the smile. Thanks!


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