Online Nepal Book Club? Why Not?!

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 7.35.51 pm

Photo: having a hair bun day in Sydney, Natimuk and Brisbane! Juliette, Brigitte and Katrina.

Join us for the next online session!

One of the highlights of our pre Nepal trek has been the monthly online book club: not only fun, but very informative at so many different levels, from personal to exploration, from novels to essays, a wonderful way to add dimension to your next trip to Nepal!
Tonight we had Katrina talking to us about Jemima Diki Sherpa’s beautiful Three Springs essay in the House of Snow Anthology
and my very own book, The Wind in my Hair. You can get or gift the ebook here:…
Also covered was Life: a Flower or a Thorn ( literal translation of Nepali title) by Jhamak Ghimire, an extraordinary woman with cerebral palsy, Nepal’s Helen Keller, and a very compelling story teller and commentator.

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